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9011 Armadilliner 2K Truck Bedliner Kit

Archemya’s 9000 Series Armadilliner 2K Truck Bedliner is a 2 component textured coating designed for truck beds and any other high impact areas. This urethane coating provides superior adhesion, excellent film, build and high flexibility. This product is formulated to have excellent chemical resistance and provides a durable and a slip resistant finish to offer ultimate protection. This product mixes in a 4:1 Ratio and is available in either Archemya’s 9011 2K Black Truck Bedliner or Archemya’s 9012 Tintable Truck Bedliner with Archemya’s 9013 2K Activator. This product is 1.7 VOC, 50 state compliant.

Available In:
– 9011 Armadilliner 2K Truck Bedliner Kit – BLACK (Gallon)
– 9012 Armadilliner 2K Truck Bedliner Kit – Tintable (Gallon)

 Armadilliner 2K Truck Bedliner Activator

Available In:

9013 Armadilliner 2K Truck Bedliner Activator (Quart)

​​      Armadilliner 2K Truck Bedliner