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​4910-1 EZ Flow Adhesion Blender & Promoter Gallon

4910-4 EZ Flow Adhesion Blender & Promoter Quart

Coming soon   4901  20 oz Aerosol

​EZ Flow Adhesion Blender & Promoter

4910 Series – EZ Flow Adhesion Blender & Promoter

Archemya’s 4900 Series ezFLOW Adhesion Blender & Promoter is a unique adhesion promoter that guarantees adhesion to a wide variety of substrates ranging from all plastics (TPO, TPE, TEO) to treated metal surfaces including aluminum, metal, glass, fiberglass and SMC. This product dries in minutes and greatly reduces the overall refinishing time for any job. Additionally, this product can be blended with nonmetallic urethane basecoats and applied directly to plastic surfaces in a 2:1 ratio.

Eliminate the stress of adhesion failure and save both time and money by going with the flow!

Available In:

4910 Series EZ FLOW Adhesion Blender & Promoter
– 4910-1 (Gallon)
– 4910-4 (Quart)