5009 Series Dewborne Waterbase Sanding Primer – Crosslinker

Archemya’s 5000 Series Dewborne Sanding Primer is a flexible waterbase sanding primer that is a high-build formulation designed for plastic bumper refinishing. Archemya’s 5000 Series Dewborne Sanding Primer hides sanding scratches as coarse as 180 grit and cures rapidly. Archemya’s 5000 Series Dewborne Sanding Primer will provide excellent water and chemical resistance as well as outstanding sanding properties. This product is compatible with all automotive topcoat systems and can be cross-linked up to 2-3% by volume with Archemya’s 5009 Dewborne Crosslinker to enhance its properties. Archemya’s 5000 Series Dewborne Sanding Primer has low VOC and an excellent freeze thaw stability (up to four cycles), and is always ready to spray out the can to provide the desired OEM type of finish.

Available In:

5009 Dewborne Crosslinker (4 oz)

5100 Series Dewborne Waterbase Finishing Primer

Archemya’s 5100 Series Dewborne Finishing Primer is a flexible waterbase finishing primer for all plastic surfaces. Archemya’s 5100 Series Dewborne Finishing Primer is designed for professional refinishing of thermoplastic and thermoset substrates. With its great finishing properties, Archemya’s 5100 Series Dewborne Finishing Primer offers an OEM appearance making it an excellent choice for bumper recyclers. The excellent filling characteristics, easy sanding, superior adhesion, and color holdout makes this the best choice for waterbased refinishing. This primer can be directly top coated with almost all automotive topcoat systems. It is freeze thaw stable and can be cross-linked up to 2-3% by volume with Archemya’s 5009 Dewborne Cosslinker to enhance its physical properties. This product is ready to spray.

Available In:

5100 Water Based Finishing Primer
– 5100-5 Black (5 Gallon)
– 5110-5 Gray (5 Gallon)
– 5100-1 Black (Gallon)
– 5110-1 Gray (Gallon) 

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